Case Studies

Throat Infection

Strep A Testing Service

Strep A Testing Service

A CPD accredited e-module exclusively produced for the Celesio My Learn + platform

An e-learning module developed for the ‘Celesio My Learn +’ channel, which is part of CIG’s Pharmacy Network.

The module introduced a new testing service available to customers within Lloyds pharmacy. Just 10 minutes long, the training aimed to help pharmacists to determine a customer’s eligibility for the service, give consultation advice, undertake the Strep A swap test, obtain and read results, and dispense medication via the PGD.

Doublebase Emollient Gel

Advising on skin conditions

Continuing professional development for the pharmacy team, CIG Healthcare Partnership produced a 4-page guide to update their knowledge on different types of dry skin conditions, the differences in the types of emollient formulation, how emollients should be applied, how apps can be used to support parents and children and how to use Doublebase Emollient Gel effectively. A prescribed emollient gel formulation that can now be recommended to customers over-the-counter.

The guide was circulated to all UK pharmacies via Pharmacy Magazine.

Essential oils



Increasing awareness of natural solutions to everyday healthcare and wellbeing

Informing the pharmacy team on commonly used essential oils and their properties. It included self-care tips and day-to-day wellbeing advice.

Examples from the Puressentiel range presented the opportunity to offer customers alternative wellbeing products and, in turn, the chance to increase sales revenue through pharmacy. Emails, newsletters, digital ads and other digital activities supported the e-module in an extensive marketing campaign.

Dry skin

Adex Gel

Adex Gel

A new way of managing dry skin conditions prone to inflammation

Set of training materials developed to help pharmacists give better advice for customers using emollients and anti-inflammatories in managing dry skin conditions.

These educational materials were delivered in the format of 4-page guide and interactive PDF.

Pet health



Tackling fleas and ticks

15 minutes accredited e-module developed and syndicated across CIG's public and private platforms, highlighting the importance of the pet health category to pharmacy.

Supporting flyer was created to promote the learning and increase the number of completed courses.


Maloff Protect

Maloff Protect

Advising on malaria

Digital module and 4-page booklet was designed to help pharmacists make a difference to travellers, equipping them to give expert advice and recommend effective products available without prescription.

The following topics were covered in this blended learning:
- The significance of malaria worldwide and symptoms
- The four key elements of malaria prevention
- The different types of travellers who require malaria prophylaxis
- When to recommend Maloff Protect
- The additional travel health selling opportunities for your pharmacy

Bladder weakness



Bladder weakness programme

5 e-modules were developed under the Bladder Weakness Programme sponsored by TENA.

This comprehensive programme covered topics that all pharmacists should know about the bladder weakness category, in order to increase their confidence in advising customers in store. We used different formats of delivery such as videos, a quiz and further support in order to make learning highly practical and easy to implement.

Training was divided by the following modules:
1. Why incontinence matters
2. Urinary incontinence types and treatment
3. Your customers and their specific needs
4. How to talk to and advise customers
5. Good merchandising practise

Head lice



Supporting product launches

A series of booklets produced to support new international product launches.

Stress and sleep

Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy

Stress and sleep management

A global Retail Training Guide to be edited by each region to adapt for local country needs.

Developed as an interactive PDF to be used by sales forces to bring to life the issues of stress and sleep and the products that could be recommended to customers.

A separate version was produced to meet UK regulations.

Benacort Nasal Spray

Reducing customer confusion within the hayfever category

The aim was to aid the pharmacy team in reducing customer confusion within the category, so that they can ease any customer apprehensions on product choice and be more proactive in recommending appropriate treatment options.

The training focused on helping pharmacy staff to identify different types of customers and highlight which ingredients would best suit their particular needs.

The module also gave pharmacy teams the opportunity to update their knowledge of a new P medicine available in pharmacy - Benacort Nasal Spray (budesonide)


Aspire - Ey

Aspire - Ey

Eyecare – helping to optimise patient compliance

A CPD module was developed to highlight the importance of pharmacy interventions to ensure patients with long-term eye conditions are adhering to their medicines.

The training introduced the new ‘ey’ range, that includes various features that aim to aid compliance, which will assist patients in the management of their eye conditions.

Older people

Merck - WE100

Merck - WE100

Promoting long healthy lives – the role of pharmacy

This blended learning package was produced as an online training module and paper based CPD supplement for pharmacists and their team, produced in association with Merck Consumer Health as part of their WE100™ initiative, which focuses on how the pharmacy team can play a vital role in helping their older customers lead longer, healthier lives.

The training package was awarded the NPA Quality Training Seal for Training Excellence.
CIG’s Pharmacy Magazine and digital Pharmacy Network were used to distribute the training to pharmacies.