Hayfever survey shows medicine misuse

Author CIG Healthcare August 6, 2014

Allergy UK estimates that nearly 18 million people in the UK have hayfever and that millions are suffering because they are misusing medication. Research by the charity suggests that for 62 per cent of those with hayfever, their current medication is not effective.


Around 39 per cent of those with hayfever use a steroid nasal spray, but research found that only 14 per cent are using it correctly, meaning 86 per cent of users will not feel the benefits of their medication. The study showed 19 per cent said they would carry on taking the medication even if it wasn’t working and 13 per cent would increase the dosage.


Maureen Jenkins, Allergy UK director of clinical services, advised customers to seek medical advice if symptoms are not improving. As pharmacy is often the first port of call for customers seeking advice, it is important to keep pharmacy up-to-date with training so they are able to give advice confidently and recommend appropriate products to suit customer’s needs.